Get Out Of The Way!

Feb 19, 2023

Prayer. What is the point? What makes us selfish in our evangelism is often times proved in our prayer lives. If God answered all of our prayers, would the world change, or just OUR world? As John comes to a conclusion, He wants His spiritual family to KNOW they can have confidence in their prayers to God. As believers, we have access to the God of all Creation, Jesus in the flesh, who desires to move. Confidant prayer moves us out of His way.

What confident prayers move us out of the way?

TALK ABOUT IT - Questions to GROW through with family, friends, & myself. 

1. How would I describe my prayer life? Do my prayers move me out of the way for God to move?

2. What kind of prayers please God? How does “the Lord’s prayer” please God?

3. Do I pray for people in my life to experience the true God, Jesus who IS eternal life? Why / why not?

4. What modern day idols have the most access to tempt me? How does God help me?

5. PRAYER: “Father, give me the confidence to pray bold prayers that move me out of the way for you to move!”