Church Hurt

Feb 5, 2023

Many people are leaving “the church” because of “church hurt.” It’s a real thing! I will likely never understand why Jesus left us with such an important community to manage. Most of the time, it comes down to teaching, application of that teaching, and a failure to love like Jesus. So, how can WE, since we are the church, live with God loving through us? How can we learn from these experiences to become a safe community for people to grow in their relationship with Jesus?

TALK ABOUT IT - Questions to GROW through with family, friends, & myself. 

1. Have I ever experience “church hurt?” Was I responsible in any way?

2. What are three expectations I need to live out in order to be a safe place for others to call home?

3. Which of the three exceptions do I struggle to live out the most? Why?

4. What would happen within our churches if we loved each other like Jesus loves us?

5. PRAYER: “Father, help us to discern deception, get the order of God’s love right, & love without fear.”