MESA WOMEN: Setting The Table | Guilty Pleasures - COMING SOON!
by Liz Pimentel on August 11th, 2022
Our next blog post is coming soon!In the meantime, please join the conversation by answering this short, fun questionnaire about our next theme: Guilty Pleasures!...  Read More
MESA WOMEN: Setting The Table | Finding Truth in the Anxious Wild
by Liz Pimentel on June 27th, 2022
Why should I draw close to the one who could have stopped it all? Why should I trust that He would take care of me and the anxiety I’d cast on Him? Hadn’t I earned the right to worry?  Read More
Prepping The Ground
by Pete Campbell on May 19th, 2022
The older I get the more time seems to slip away from each day. I can easily find a hundred things that need my attention and probably deserve it. This is never more true than when preparing to lead worship. The details; the practicality that comes with planning a set, leading a team, and pastoring the people alongside you. Each of these things fight for my focus when I am preparing to lead a grou...  Read More
MESA WOMEN: Setting The Table | A Restless Refuge
by Liz Pimentel on May 17th, 2022
This time, it's much bigger than a childhood game.  Read More
by Pete Campbell on May 9th, 2022
Sometimes... I just get stuck. Does that ever happen to you? The creative juices stop flowing and I don’t know how to move forward. If you’ve been pursuing creative work for more than a week or so, I’m guessing you have experienced what I’m talking about. You have projects to work on and deadlines to hit, but your creativity has come to a halt. You’re in a creative rut. A rut is a pattern of behavi...  Read More