Playing Around With Commitment

Nov 13, 2022    Jordan Hansen

Everybody wants community, but few people are willing to pay the cost of cultivating the kind of community that humanity truly craves…that WE crave. Why? A life giving community comes at a high price. Do we contribute more than we take? That kind of culture begins with a sacrificial commitment to something bigger than each of us so that we CAN reap what we sow. 

TALK ABOUT IT - Questions to GROW through with family, friends, & myself. 

What do I want out of a church community? What is important to me?What comes to my mind when i hear the word, “commitment?”How is commitment tied to the idea of a life giving community? Why does anything worth anything in this world require commitment to thrive?PRAYER: “Father, help me to commit to the things and people that matter in this world!”