Trust Issues

Oct 30, 2022    Jordan Hansen

Certain seasons of life can feel like a dry wasteland. Which path are we suppose to take? Thankfully, God prepares us for the path ahead. He is always doing something new if we will trust Him enough to follow Him through the desert. But are we willing to trust Him? Our experience and desires often cause us to trust our own path.

TALK ABOUT IT - Questions to GROW through with family, friends, & myself.
1. When in my life did i feel like i was in a wilderness experience?
2. Do I consistently seek God’;s will for my life? Why or why not?
3. How have my experiences in life contributed to my ability to trust God? What do i need to unlearn?
4. Are the gifts God gives to me become goals or even gods in my life? How can i treasure God more?
5. PRAYER: “Father, help me trust you with my whole heart!”