Ride or Die

Nov 6, 2022

Most of us understand that sacrifice is an important part of life. We give up something we love for something or someone we love more. We give because God has ALREADY given! So, when the opportunity arises to give back to Jesus, we discover that God has prepared us for this moment, has changed our hearts, & He will fulfill HIS plan for our gift.

TALK ABOUT IT - Questions to GROW through with family, friends, & myself.

1. What sacrifices have I made in my life? What prompted me to give this way?

2. How has God changed my life? How has God made my life better? What is the value of this change?

3. How has God prepared my heart to give to the NOW initiative? What sacrifices am I making?

4. What do I believe God wants to do with Mesa Church? What does He want to do with THE Church?

5. PRAYER: “Father, prepare my heart to give because of all the ways you have made a way for me!”