Dear Friends,

I hope you and your loved ones have had a wonderful Christmas Season. Our prayers continue to be with those who are walking through a difficult season. Holidays are the best of times and can be lonely, too. May the Holy Spirit comfort those in need, and may each of us be present and ready to share the love of Jesus with them. He is faithful. He will be faithful.

As we reflect on 2022, we see the undeniable faithfulness of God. He has helped us find and establish a new ministry home in the heart of Orange County. We are home, and it is ours. Things feel like they are beginning to come together and we are deeply grateful to God, our congregation, and the generous hearts that continue to give, serve, and fulfill God's calling on their lives. We are co-creating God's new Kingdom reality for Mesa and beyond!

As many of you know, we are at "halftime" in our NOW Generosity Initiative. This NOW Initiative has offset some of the construction costs and even begun to pay down our three million dollar construction loan. Because of your generosity and faithful giving, we have been able to prepare our new church building for ministry. There is still work to be done! In the past, many of you have made special year-end gifts and this has greatly helped Mesa Church. Your year-end gift will support the ministry of our home church, our local community outreach, our global missionary partners, and help us pay for the costs of retrofitting the building that God has allowed us to OWN. Praise God!

Please prayerfully consider a year-end gift toward the NOW Initiative so we can pay off our construction loan and increase our ministry impact in Orange County! May God bless you, protect you, and provide for you faithfully as you serve Him in your giving. You are loved and appreciated!

Be blessed,

Pastor Jordan