Pastor Jordan and Tara Hansen announced on February 4, 2024 that the Lord has called them to Dayton, OH to be the Lead Pastors of Christian Life Church. We absolutely love Jordan, Tara and the children we are excited to be a part of what the Lord has ordained for the Hansen family (and the body of Christ in Dayton) while also recognizing that God has a special plan for Mesa Church too!

Pastor Jordan often likes to say that "Jesus is the Lead Pastor of Mesa Church" and we want to step forward into this season of faith with that realization that Jesus is the Head of the Church and we can trust that He has good plans Mesa Church in our future.

The following video is Pastor Jordan and Tara sharing their hearts with Mesa Church. Please take a moment to listen. As you read further, you will find some FAQs, Pastor Jordan's Resignation Letter, an Introduction to our Interim Pastor, and a variety of links that we have provided so that you can get caught up on all that has taken place and how we are moving forward.

At Mesa Church, we like to say, "There is Always Room at the Table"!

“Led By the Spirit : Change of Plans”

Dear Board of Elders, Staff, and Congregation of Mesa Church,

It is with a mix of emotions and a heart full of gratitude that I submit my resignation as Lead Pastor of Mesa Church, effective March 10, 2024.

For the past eight and a half years, my family and I have had the privilege of serving and growing alongside the incredible community at Mesa Church. Serving as your pastor has been one of the most transformational pastoral and leadership experiences I have ever encountered. Our journey has been marked by personal, professional, and spiritual growth. We have faced trying times, but through it all, Mesa has experienced spiritual and cultural renewal. God has been faithful!

It has been an honor to lead alongside a team of dedicated individuals from our Staff and Dream Team volunteers. I am especially grateful for an Elder Board and Staff that have consistently exceeded expectations. We are profoundly thankful for the support and love we have experienced within our church family. You have nurtured and loved our kids, Harper, Judah, and Shiloh, and we are forever grateful.  This church will always hold a special place in our hearts and we hope Mesa will always have open arms to us to always consider ourselves part of the Mesa Church family.

Tara and I have accepted the nomination for me to serve as the Lead Pastor of Christian Life Center in Dayton, Ohio, upon the confirmation vote of its membership on January 28th, 2024. We believe the Lord has spoken to our hearts through a series of God-orchestrated moments and is calling us to embark on a new chapter of ministry in Ohio.  At the same time, we are excited to see how God will bring His next leader to Mesa Church. The Lord specifically spoke to my heart regarding this, “If I am calling you to Dayton, Ohio; don’t you think I have *already called someone to Orange County?”

We pray for continued blessings upon Mesa Church and trust that God will guide the church to new heights in the seasons to come. We believe Mesa is poised for great days ahead because its culture is healthy, life-giving, and focused on God’s mission to “reach the one!” God has been faithful. God WILL BE faithful. We can trust Him!

In closing, I encourage each of you to to stay strong, united, and supportive of the church and its leadership. Join the Dream Team and serve. Give generously and consistently. Be led by the Spirit as you encourage each other constantly. And most importantly, Mesa Church will move forward as it retreats into the prayer closet. Nothing will advance the mission more than when we invite the Holy Spirit to do what we cannot do in our own strength. We have learned this together. GOD CAN! Together, we can embrace the future with hope and anticipation, knowing that the best days are yet to come. Stay strong, Mesa Church!

Please watch below, our Pastoral Transition Question and Answer service in which the Mesa Leadership shared our interim vision!

Grace & Peace,

Lead Pastor
We are thrilled to announce that Keith Robinson has been selected by the Mesa Church Board of Directors to serve as the interim pastor during our search for a new senior pastor. Keith is no stranger to Mesa Church; his wife, Samantha, previously served as Mesa’s interim worship director. With a ministry background spanning over 20 years, Keith brings a wealth of skills and experience, having served hundreds of churches and faith-based organizations around the world.

Keith's journey in leadership is deeply rooted in local church ministry, with various roles, including youth and young adults pastor, teaching pastor, executive pastor, and senior pastor. Keith is an ordained pastor and received his Master's in Christian Leadership from Hope International University.

In addition to his years of work in pastoral ministry, as an HR and Risk-Management professional, Keith has a diverse and complementary set of leadership skills that will be a blessing to our church. He is not only an accomplished speaker and teacher of God’s Word but also a knowledgeable ministry consultant. His ability to navigate senior leadership transitions, crisis management, and strategy execution has made him a sought-after expert in faith-based and nonprofit organizations. His experience at Slingshot Group, one of the top ministry staffing and consulting organizations in North America, further underscores his readiness and ability to serve Mesa Church during this season of transition.

Keith’s familiarity with Mesa Church, its people, culture, and systems, will allow him to fit seamlessly with our mission, values, and goals. The congregation can confidently anticipate a positive impact under Keith's interim leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Pastor Jordan leaving?
We encourage you to listen to his message on our webpage.  The message is called, Change of Plans.  He has expressed his deep love for the people of Mesa Church and that the only real answer to the  question is "the call of God."

How will the church support Pastor Jordan and his family as they leave?
Though we love and will greatly miss Pastor Jordan, we have given him our blessing to follow the call of God.  We have agreed to pray for him and he for us.  

What is the process for finding a new lead Pastor?
Our By-laws require a Pastoral  Search Committee (PSC) be appointed each year following the annual church council. That committee has now been activated and is currently seeking potential candidate recommmendations from several sources; the congregation, the SoCal Network, Pastor Jordan, Dr. Jim Bradford  and many other leaders and associates.  Once a candidate has been selected he/she will be presented to the Partners for a vote of affirmation.

How can our Partners stay apprised of updates?
The PSC will be making regular updates via our website and Sunday morning announcements,  

How can we pray?
Thank you for this question.  We are establishing an email list of Partners who wish to pray for the church, the staff, the PSC and our next lead Pastor.  A monthly or bi-monthly email will be sent to this Dream Team with updates and prayer requests.  

How can Partners contribute?
Join the prayer email team, stay connected, be the church you have learned to love.  Love and support the staff and volunteer to serve.  Have faith in the future God has planned for Mesa Church. Feel free to ask any PSC or staff member any question.  We are here to serve you too.

Who will be our interim Pastor?
We are very fortunate to have Pastor Keith Robinson as our interim Pastor.  He is a gift from God to us, offering more than we had hoped or imagined for the position.

Is it okay to fell sad, angry, hurt…?
Yes.  Definitely.  These are natural emotions and we have all experienced one or all of them to one degree or another.  We recommend you approach any PSC team member and/or staff member and talk with them.  They are here for you.  We, all of us together, are the family of Mesa Church and we share our sorrows and joys together.  

What is the expected timeline for our next Pastor to arrive?
A great question.  We believe God has already spoken to our next Pastor and a stirring has already begun.  We do not want to rush the process nor to take a long time to find someone.  Sometimes God has work to do in us before He brings us the one He has chosen.  We are dependant upon His guidance, and that is exactly where we should be.

Be a part of our pastoral transition prayer team!


Do you have a recommendation for a lead pastor, or have questions regarding the process?

Email the pastoral  search committee at

Watch our videos announcing Pastor Jordan's resignation

Pastor Jordan's sermon in which he announced his resignation.
Our question and answer session where we explain more details regarding the transition.
Hear from Pastor Jordan and Tara about what lead them into this new season, and some details about what is ahead for Mesa Church.

Here are some photo highlights from our Question and Answer evening!