Faith For Fulfillment

Aug 14, 2022    Jordan Hansen
Everyone has faith. We place faith in the stock market, jobs, spouses, government, science, & medicine. We demonstrate faith every time we sit down in a chair! But do we have that kind of faith in God? The Israelites saw the walls of Jericho fall, not by force, but by faith. When we place our faith in Him, He fulfills His promises in our lives!

TALK ABOUT IT - Questions to GROW through with family, friends, & myself.
1. How many times did I purchase something on Amazon? Why do I trust Amazon to fulfill my orders?
2. Do I believe that God has promises for my life? What causes me to doubt God?
3. What happens to my faith while I wait for God to fulfill His promises over my life?
4. What is the true test of faith? How do my actions in response to God’s fulfillment reflect on my heart?
5. PRAYER: “Father, help us to place our faith in Jesus!”