Light is Born

Dec 19, 2021    Jordan Hansen

Have you ever stumbled around in the darkness of night trying to find a light switch? This Mesa Christmas, let's celebrate the Truth that God shines into our lives so we can live with the guidance we need! Check out part 4 of our Follow The Light series.

TALK ABOUT IT - Questions to GROW through with family, friends, & myself.
1. What are some of the ways “light” is connected to my own Christmas traditions? In society?

2. How is Jesus involved in the Creation story from John’s Gospel? How is John the Baptist involved?

3. Am I committed to God’s Word in my life & family? Am I committed to sharing Christ with others?

4. Is Jesus the Light of the world? How does He answer the questions every worldview must answer?

PRAYER: “Father, help me to follow Jesus so i don’t have to walk in darkness any longer.